EZ Jet Water Cannon Multi-Function Spray Gun

2,000.00 1,399.00

1. Multifunction: Cleaning or Fertilizing
2. Fit any standard garden hose connection
3. Built in liquid dispenser and can be with soap, and plant food, etc
4. Adjustable spray head built in 8 spray patterns
5. 8 spray patterns for different use: (1)straight;(2)Jet;(3)Mist;(4)Shower;(5)Angle;(6)Flat;(7)Fan(8Faucet)
6. Powerful enough to reach high place and clean the second windows and water garden flowers
7. 3-way flow control: Soap, Rinse, OFF
8. Soap and fertilizer chamber with automatic mixer
9.  Dirt removing with precision jet, or water plants with mist spray
10. Lightweight and easy to use with its long barrel
11. You can select Off, Spray or Soap setting
12. Easy job even long holding


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The Multifunction Water Gun specially designed to handle all dirty jobs throughly and double duty for fertilizing efficiently.
8-In-1spray nozzle with soap dispenser for various purposes: The forceful water pressure settings are strong enough to blast
away stubborn dirt,such as washing gutters, windows, house exteriors, cars, boats, sidewalks, steps, and sliding doors. and
the small setting are soft and gentle and ideal to water fragile plants and garden flowers.

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