Portable Electric Lunch Box in Pakistan

2,300.00 1,699.00

Product Highlights

– Power: 40W
– Portable & easy to operate
– Safe & high temperature resistant material
– Safety conceal PTC heater
– Energy efficiency
– Tight & anti-leakage lid cover
– Additional soup tray with lid cover
– Heating and warming functions
– Cannot be put into fridge and microwave oven for using.


Electric Lunch box to eat fresh hot meal at any time and anywhere. Is a very convenient and easy to warm up your food, whether you’re at work or at college. This electrical Lunch Box Electric Box is a lunch and this helps the food temperature without the need to search for traditional means of heating. Which makes it ideal for a single meal for the average appetite. Modern design manufactured in different colors This Lunch Box is a useful tool for everyone. This made specifically for people who are traveling constantly crave for food satisfying and warm.

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