S6 Plus True Wireless Earbuds

5,500.00 3,999.00

  • Headphone battery capacity: 38mAh
  • Charging box battery capacity: 260mAh
  • Charging Type: Charging box USB socket charging, headphone magnetic charging
  • Headphone charging time: About 40 minutes
  • Charging case charging time: About 2 hours
  • Headphone life time: About 3hours
  • Charging box chargeable times: About 3 times
  • Speaker: F10 True copper speaker
  • Manipulation Mode: Button
  • LED Display: Intelligent digital display of power Bluetooth


S6 Plus True Wireless Earbuds

To pair the bluetooth headset for the first time, the distance between the bluetooth headset and your phone device must be within 1 meter when pairing. When the headset is off, press and hold the button until the red and blue lights flashes alternately. Start the bluetooth pairing on your phone device. Search for the bluetooth device. The blue light will flash if paired successfully.

Pair the right headset first with above mentioned instructions for single pairing. Then pair the left headset. After successfully pairing both headsets to the device (Both headsets must show blue flashing lights), power off both the headsets and then power back on. This will allow the device to resets and connect both headsets automatically. In the TWS mode, incoming and dialing calls will have sound only on the main headset (Right headset).


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