The Steam Facial Buy Online

1,500.00 999.00

  • Use For Face Facial & Medical purpose
  • Clear Block Nose
  • Use as room humidifier
  • Good Quality
  • Reliable Brand


The Steam Facial Buy Online

The Steam Facial is Steamer & Inhaler Beauty skin face moisturizer, deep pore cleansing, and congestion relief open pores for deep cleansing. Professional face Face spa mask+nose sinus steam inhaler attachment, allowed to your favorite essential oil vaporizer as a home humidifier´╝îadjustable steam opening. Natural oil vapor is gradually sprayed into the air, and a large amount of water mist can relax, reduce stress and regulate mood, so as to make the body healthy. Open pores to remove dirt and oil, remove dead skin cells to make skin water, moisturizing lotion and other nutrients more easily absorbed.

High-quality secure water vaporizer pot, auto-off function, will become an indispensable companion in your life, if used before bed, please pay attention to the safety of electricity. Beauty Face steamer with Steam Inhaler offers all the benefits of a spa steam treatment at home. The facial uses steam to open up the pores, help to remove impurities and deeply cleanse the skin, the adjust steam level gives you complete control.


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