Voox DD Whitening Cream Original in Pakistan

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Voox DD Whitening Cream Original in Pakistan

The Voox DD whitening cream that has been developed in Japan. Bring meet BB and CC Cream come together to moisturize the skin as well as skin care, skin invaluable and sun protection with realistic skin smooth and flawless. Feels comfortable to the skin As the popularity of these Pretty ahead with exceptionally creamy white in now.

1. The bright white aura. Can smooth the skin but still bright spring can not fade waterproof, sweat without sticky. For people with oily not have to worry for dry skin. Creamy but not moisture absorbed by the elbow crook as it penetrates surface grooves seamlessly as a fibrous surface grooves.

2. For people who want to show off skin to the sun or very good.

Suitable for all skin pigmentation cream.

FDA Approved : 10-1-5643248
How to use: Apply 15 minutes before sun or every morning and night.

Net w. 100g

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