Magic Hose Pipe Expandable for Garden

2,100.00 1,199.00



200Ft. = 1600
150Ft. = 1400
125Ft. = 1300
100Ft. = 1200
75Ft. = 1100
50Ft. = 1000



XHose with its New and Improved Construction is the world’s first super strong, durable, ultra-lightweight expandable hose and now includes a Free Tap Adaptor. Turn the water on and it expands up to three times its length and automatically contracts in seconds. . After, switch off the water and it will contract back. It never kinks or twists and can be stored easily. It’s easy to store and features universal fittings.

High Quality Product

Twist free, tangle free, kink free

Expands up to 100ft of its length and contracts back instantly

Extremely lightweight

Durable, reliable all hose

Includes easy release connectors

Make watering easy & hassle free

With 7 functions spray gun and quick version connector

For further assistance please refer to the video attached

Length: 100ft

Magic Hose Expandable Garden Hose in Karachi Pakistan buy2it

Package Includes:

1 Magic Hose

1 hose end connector

1 Five Function Gun

1 universal connector

Magic Hose Expandable Garden Hose in Karachi

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